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Trip to Johnnys Family Club, Shibuya

Last month, I went to JFC for the first time! yay!

[Short story of my journey and photos under the cut]
It was a rainy day, but luckily the place is quite easy to find and not too far from Shibuya station! (Well, I owed google maps for this >.<)
Saw a lot of signed posters, Arashi's sign boards and messages, and JUMP's Maji Sunshine signed poster!
Totally a worthy experience :)

So, in my spare time I tried to translate Arashi's Niigata earthquake donation messages from JFC~! I think this has already been there for a long time and maybe others have translated it before, but I considered translating it as practice~ It may not be 100% accurate, please bear with me since i'm still struggling with japanese 😋 (and english too *eh) xD so here it is:


arashi message.jpg

Thank you very much!!
I think both things we can do and things everyone can do is transmitted.
Thank you!!
- Ninomiya Kazunari

Everyone, thank you very much.
Each of your effort and feelings are reached!!
I pray from my heart that it'll reach everyone in Niigata.
- Aiba Masaki

Thank you for your cooperation in fund raising.
It'll be joyful if everyone's feelings including ours can be someone else's strength, ne.
Thank you!!
- Sakurai Sho

I think this letter of appreciation is an outcome of everyone's affection.
Thank you for your lots of love.
- Matsumoto Jun

Thank you very much!
From now on, let's put on smiles to the people who are suffering!!
- Ohno Satoshi


Kindly tell me if reposting~!
If you find any mistranslation, i'd be happy to know, thank you ^o^
Oh, and feel free to add me as friend, so we can flail together, yay!

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