(Translation) DUET April 2017 - JUMP parts

It's my first magazine translation yay!! \(^o^)/

It's a section from JUMP parts on Duet April 2017. It’s such a cute talk, hope you guys enjoy it!
Since neither English and Japanese is my mother language, pardon me (and maybe you can PM me) if I translated something wrong XD

Cute person next to me <3
“Cute parts” from person that lined next to each member is told! An episode which loaded with things that make us smile.

Hikaru -> Ryosuke
A sight when he said “I must lose some weight, I must lose some weight” while munching foods is cute. I want to aim for Yamada’s position which can make everyone happy by his eating sight (laugh).

Ryosuke -> Kei
The part that he didn’t change his hairstyle. There are minor changes, but it’s just like changing its color or doing volume down. It feels like changing from shiitake to shimeji. The part that he continues to preserve the “mushroom” feel is cute!

Kei -> Yuri
The other days, after a recording with Chinen has ended, Chinen was like “It was really fun. Broadcasting is fun~!”. On other (recording) site too, he always says like that. I thought that Chinen is cute!

Yuri -> Kota
Maybe his unexpectedly clumsiness. Either when playing TV games or darts, he’s too concentrate that all his face parts becomes centered. The thought of “Maybe all his consciousness right now is on his hands~” is cute (laugh).

Kota -> Yuya
He often has a wild atmosphere by raising or dividing his bangs, but occasionally when he lowers his bangs, without thinking I’ll say “today he has his bangs, it’s cute”. It makes him looks younger.

Yuya -> Daiki
I think the part that he always wants to know more than anyone else about other members’ private life and work activities is cute (laugh). He’d been like that from a long time ago.

Daiki -> Keito
He seems to like cat much. The reaction while he was watching cat video alone is cute. It feels like I don’t know whether he was crying or laughing, while mumbling he said “ka…kawaii~<3” like being troubled (laugh).

Keito -> Yuto
When being praised, he will be very happy. When (someone) says things like “your hairstyle today is very cool” or “this photo is really cool”, he will reply “really? Thank you!” while awkwardly smiling. It is really cute.

Yuto -> Hikaru
The thing that he named his musical instrument one by one is cute, isn’t it. (I think) While bringing that feel of sensitivity, Hikaru cutely drew JUMP members’ character, “9puu”.
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Stationery + Journal Corner: Cute brands and such!

Hi all! Feel like taking photos and writing about something today... so....
It happens to be a random post to chill my brain from daily routines yay!

Had no idea before how writing (or even planning to write a journal post) about stationery could be this refreshing! (ah maybe it’s one sign I’ve spent too much time inside laboratories *sobs*)

So basically, I like collecting stuffs—to be more specific, cute stuffs (well I think most girls love it too so it’s a bit natural, isn’t it? :P ). Stationery is one of the option because nowadays there’re plenty of good brands selling cute models and such, moreover they’re easy to reach and USEFUL. Here goes the saying, "if you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write."-Martin Luther. Haha, don’t forget that! XD

Here are some brands and types that I like the most,

Zebra Sarasa

Water based gel pen, really smooth, however it isn't really faded out when wetted by water *good point here*. It has various range of color and thickness. What I love the most is, they sometimes sell limited edition design! The designs are thematic, some were added with fragrance too!
Basically, I use this pen on everyday stuffs such as papers, essays, writing daily journals... Having good pen with cute design is a real deal! :3


Another cute pen brands to consider, especially for Disney or Sanrio fans out there! Honestly I prefer Sarasa (because it’s more affordable and comfy to use) but this brands has its own charm too!

- Multi-color ink in one pen (it depends on what color you want to insert)
- Extremely light! Well to summarize, it’s practical
- Wait and see their design! Some makes me fall in love and I must keep telling my mind that I only need one :’)

Pentel – CAPLET

In my opinion, this pencil brand is classic. It reminds me of old times since junior high school, that someone who had this pencil is totally fashionable XD

website: https://www.kikki-k.com/

I’ve been using this weekly planner as journal since 2014 and this is my favorite up until now :3
They also have daily diary version (LARGE DAILY DIARY-CUTE), which provides one page space for a day.

- It’s already cutely illustrated (it’ll be a good choice for people who’re not too fond of drawing and decorating the whole page from scratch)
- Thick paper (100 gsm)
- Sufficient space for listing TO-DOs, and sticking small photos
- Includes stickers, inner pocket, and a small notebook (p.s. the stickers are really cool, some with words like “Dream, then do” and “Make your own magic”)

- Thick grid lines, can’t really draw freely as in Hobonichi
- Quite heavy

I guess that's enough for today~

By the way, I still haven’t decided yet what journal i'll be using for 2017... Maybe I should try using Hobonichi? It seems worth and fun to try… :3
How about your opinion, guys? I’ll be happy if you would share your stationery preferences and other stationery-related discussions! Yay! Let’s keep writing to change the world! *eh, at least, our own world :’’)*

Trip to Johnnys Family Club, Shibuya

Last month, I went to JFC for the first time! yay!

[Short story of my journey and photos under the cut]
It was a rainy day, but luckily the place is quite easy to find and not too far from Shibuya station! (Well, I owed google maps for this >.<)
Saw a lot of signed posters, Arashi's sign boards and messages, and JUMP's Maji Sunshine signed poster!
Totally a worthy experience :)

So, in my spare time I tried to translate Arashi's Niigata earthquake donation messages from JFC~! I think this has already been there for a long time and maybe others have translated it before, but I considered translating it as practice~ It may not be 100% accurate, please bear with me since i'm still struggling with japanese 😋 (and english too *eh) xD so here it is:


arashi message.jpg

Thank you very much!!
I think both things we can do and things everyone can do is transmitted.
Thank you!!
- Ninomiya Kazunari

Everyone, thank you very much.
Each of your effort and feelings are reached!!
I pray from my heart that it'll reach everyone in Niigata.
- Aiba Masaki

Thank you for your cooperation in fund raising.
It'll be joyful if everyone's feelings including ours can be someone else's strength, ne.
Thank you!!
- Sakurai Sho

I think this letter of appreciation is an outcome of everyone's affection.
Thank you for your lots of love.
- Matsumoto Jun

Thank you very much!
From now on, let's put on smiles to the people who are suffering!!
- Ohno Satoshi


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If you find any mistranslation, i'd be happy to know, thank you ^o^
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Introduction Post

Hello everyone!

I'm Spirit Mzu, or Mzu shortly (don't mind about how to read it XD)
Currently 20 y.o.
An enthusiast learner who wants to learn nearly everything but never had enough time and brain capacity T_T
Has a lot and wide range of hobbies! My favourites is doing something related to design and music :D (recently i'm into card tricks too *eh)

I really love Japan! First for the fashion which has endless imagination. Second for the enchanting scenery and historical landscape. Third, for the challenging language. And last but not the least, for the music which give me huge positive energy to conquer tomorrow!

Basically I made this journal for practicing both my english and japanese, and random talks about anything that I like XD

For music, I like both Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP. My ichiban is Sakurai Sho and everyone from JUMP >.<
From now on i'll probably post some short magazine translations/etc to enhance my japanese, wasn't sure, since real life is a bit packed (and like i've just said before.. i had too many hobbies :'')

Feel free to add me as friend! ^o^ Maybe we can flail or practice our japanese together XD

Oh, and if you have other social media, let's be friend! :D (just PM me)

Facebook : Spirit Mzu
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